National Work-Life Balance


As organisations nationwide consciously address the balance of work and home life this week, especially for parents, Pitman Training is inviting people to take up their free place in their Work Life Balance Drop ins, which sees the team share insights from their Work Life Balance, Time Management and Influencing Skills seminars in a bid to help shave off overtime requirements and tackle the following findings from The Modern Families Index 2016* :-


  • A third of parents (29 per cent) reported being burned out often or all the time
  • Four out of ten parents say that work intrudes to stop them spending time with children often or all the time
  • More than one in ten UK employees work over 50 hours per week
  • Workload is the main reason that working parents are putting in extra hours at work
  • Four out of ten younger fathers would take a pay cut to improve their work life balance
  • The relationship with a partner is also impinged upon often or all the time for a third of parents


Offering a whole host of free advice, alongside free brain food, the centres are inviting employers to bring their staff along, but individuals are also welcome to attend independently- the overall goal being to help local workers achieve more productivity at work to try and reduce the need for work to blend into family time.


Pitman has also revealed that by improving typing speed by just 10 words per minute we could all save ourselves a whole working day per week**, giving us all more chance of getting home on time!


Pitman Training M.D Claire Lister said: “We have got behind this campaign because we often hear of parents who are really up against it, trying to fit a full time job into part time hours, trying to juggle kids pick up and drop off with finishing tasks that build up in the day - often this ends up with them taking work home. Anything we can do to help alleviate that and help parents, and all workers, achieve their work loads within their office hours, rather than it eating into personal time, we are fully on board with”.


Claire added: “We’ll also be encouraging people to ‘go home on time’ on Wednesday 5th October in support of National Work Life Week and will be sharing tips on our social media channels across the next week that could help people achieve this”.


National Work Life Week launched by Working Families – the UK’s leading work-life balance organisation runs 3-7th October and aims to promote harmony between working life and home life, and encourages us to find ways to strike a better balance.



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