What is software development?

Software development is the activity of designing, building and supporting computer software. Our software development courses covers a broad range of hard and soft skills necessary to become a software developer, engineer or programmer. These skills include researching and creating new software, testing, prototyping, re-engineering and maintaining existing software products.

What is the difference between a software and a web developer?

Web development is a part of software development which is why their characteristics are closely linked. However, the main difference is that web developers build web applications only. Software development covers a wider range of software, including web applications.

Do I need to become a software developer to design webs?

While it is not mandatory to learn software development in order to design web applications, it is recommended.


Web development is an independent discipline with a unique set of skills, meaning training is essential if this is your desired area of expertise. An additional Software Developer course, or combined Software & Web Development diploma, further supports a wider understanding of the industry, leading to more potential opportunities in the future.

Why take on software development training?

As the digital world grows, so too does the need for software developers. This competitive landscape makes breaking into the industry challenging, but equally rewarding.


Salaries are above the national average, with entry-level positions starting at £20,000 per annum. As a basic requirement, employers ask that applicants demonstrate a focused understanding of system software, application software and programming software. A qualification in computer science is also required.

Why choose a Pitman Training software development course?

  • A highly respected training provider, Pitman Training software development course instantly enhances your CV.
  • Our software development courses cover everything from the basics of software development to learning coding languages and HTML5 training.
  • You can combine a Pitman software development training diploma with a related Pitman Training course to further improve your employability. Learning how to become a software developer pairs well with web development and server administration courses.
  • Courses run all year long across the UK in our software development training centers. Prefer to learn software development online? All our courses are available online, which allows you to advance your career from your home or office.
  • Become a software developer at your own pace. Whether it is full-time or part-time, with a Pitman Training course fits around your schedule.
  • Regardless of whether you choose to learn software development in-center or from home, you can always count on our experienced course advisors to guide and support you through the entire learning journey.

Careers in software development

  • There are many software development occupations: software developer, engineer and programmer.
  • Software developers design and create computer programs; engineers apply engineering principles to these programs; and software programmers create the code for the application, ready for installation.
  • The salary for software development roles ranges from £20,000 p.a. up to £60,000 p.a. for senior roles. The national average salary for those in software development is £30,000 p.a.

Software development courses available

Our fully-accredited introductory course to Programming Concepts is an essential first step for anyone looking to get into software development.


Trainees are encouraged to build upon their existing software development knowledge with tailored HTML5 courses and Advanced courses that combine software development with web development.


Those with a background in IT can also increase their career prospects with an MTA Software Development Fundamentals course or a Programming Fundamentals diploma.


Whichever software development course you choose, whether online or in-center, our experienced course advisors are with you every step of the way.


Got a question about our software development training? Just contact us for a free, friendly career consultation with the training experts.


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